A Cool P.O. – And A Fun-Filled Phoenix Week-End.

I’ve finally had enough experience in dealing with my parole officer that I feel I can write about it. Before the last two weeks, I hardly heard from him! I’d only met him once-right after I was “off BOP custody”.  For my home visit, he didn’t even come when I was home.  He had to […]

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The Past, The Present, and The Future

It’s been a little while since I posted. That’s partially due to how busy I find myself now, trying to work, keep the home organized, and trying to squeeze in some fun too. A fellow felon, who is now in Vegas, told me this is how it is, and she’s not wrong. I have been […]

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A New Job, A New Attitude

2/21/2014 So much has been happening, and on a couple of issues I don’t even know how/what to say. But…that has never stopped me, so here I go! As of last Thursday (2-13-14) I am officially out of B.O.P. That means I’m NO LONGER IN PRISON! At least on their “books”. That’s big – if […]

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Musings From The Half-Way House -Prison

Well, I am finally setting in front of a computer. I must say, this half-way house experience is turning out to be far more difficult and challenging than actual prison was.  I was so upset and nervous by the second month, my blood pressure shot up; and I’ve always had LOW blood pressure! I figured […]

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It’s Just Another (Long, Boring) Day

Into week three now, and bored out of my mind! Since I can’t yet look for a job (until I get my California Driver’s License), I get only one hour a day ‘rec’ pass, one hour a week ‘store’ pass, and three hours a week ‘religious’ pass. Otherwise, I’m nearly 23 hours a day stuck […]

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A Bird’s Eye View – of Half-Way House

16 days. So far I’m happy enough with the HWH. I’m BASICALLY settled in. The people here (residents and staff) are all fairly nice. I can have fresh salad every night. My bed is more comfortable. The weather is better. I get to have nice conversations with: ta-da, men! I can wear “street clothes.” I […]

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G’Bye Prison: First Day at HWH

I’m sure glad I took my 8 boxes to R&D the day before my “D” of R&D. Yep, Discharge. Today my Three Amigas (the very same 3 who delivered me unto lovely Victorville) came to pick me up – and deliver me to the comforting arms of the HWH. Ha! O.K., maybe more like the […]

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The Amazing Adventures of Wonder Prison Woman

Come ye one, come ye all to watch her stand or pray she fall No money has she no car to drive by spirit alone she aims to thrive She’ll ride a bike or take a hike strong legs she’ll get for she’ll not sit No job she’s held working for others for many a […]

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Final Rite – On A First Visit

9/8/2013 Today marked a double milestone for me: a dear friends FIRST visit happened to be MY FINAL prison visit – forever! She couldn’t have picked a better day than today. You see, the atmosphere in our visiting room waxes and wanes, like the phases of the moon; dependent not upon the sun, but the […]

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17 Days And A Wake-Up

Friday, August 30, 2013: That’s 17 days and a “wake-up” (as they say here in prison camp) until I head out to the half-way house. 27 months I’ve been here at camp. Dare I say that it seems like ‘just yesterday’ that I self-surrendered here at Victorville Women’s Prison Camp. Belatedly realizing that I needed […]

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